Apache Camel File Component

The Apache Camel File component is a powerful tool for reading, writing, and manipulating files. It provides a simple and intuitive way to work with files and directories, making it easy to integrate file-based systems into your overall integration solution.

Consuming Files with the File Component

The File component can be used to read files from a directory and process them. To do this, you need to specify the directory from which you want to read the files and the pattern that you want to use to filter the files. For example, the following code reads all files from a directory and validates them. See Line 24 ff. to see a file consumer in action

See projekt here


And in the following you see the ContentValidator class



You can add many more properties to the file component. One common property is „noop“, which indicates that the file after being processed is not moved from the directory (great for testing). Another one is for example „move“, which decides where to move the file when the processing of the message was successful. If it was not successful, you can also send it to another directory with the option „.moveFailed“

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