Java Streams and Lambdas API Tutorial – Overview


Java Streams are a powerful feature introduced in Java 8 that provides a concise and functional programming style for processing data collections. Streams allow developers to filter, map, reduce, and perform other operations on data in a declarative and efficient manner. Streams can be processed in parallel or in a serial manner, making them a popular choice for developers who want to write clean, maintainable code that is also performant. Java Streams are a vital part of the functional programming style promoted by Java 8, and they have become an essential tool in the Java developer’s toolkit.

Here is a collection of topics for Java Streams. Each article will shortly cover one issue of java streams.

1. Basics of Java streams

This includes an introduction to Java streams, their features, and how they can be used in Java programs.

2. Stream operations

Java streams support various operations like filter, map, flatMap, reduce, collect, and others. Understanding these operations is essential to using Java streams effectively.

3. Parallel streams

Java streams can be executed in parallel, which can significantly improve performance. Learning how to use parallel streams effectively is an important topic for Java developers.

4. Intermediate and terminal operations

Java streams support intermediate and terminal operations. Intermediate operations are used to transform or filter data, while terminal operations are used to trigger the processing of data

5. Stream sources

Java streams can be created from various sources like collections, arrays, files, and more. Understanding how to create streams from different sources is important for Java developers.

6. Stream collectors

Java streams support collectors that can be used to accumulate the stream elements into a collection. Learning how to use stream collectors is an essential topic for Java developers.

8. Exception handling in streams

Java streams can throw checked and unchecked exceptions. Learning how to handle exceptions in Java streams is important to writing robust code.

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