How to do JDBC template Basic Inserts


We want to show some basic queries for the JDBC template. if you’re going to try out some queries, feel free to use my starter project with in-memory database

How to insert with Named parameters

For Insert, you can do simple execute. I will show two examples, the later one with named parameters


Here we just insert directly in our customers table with the columns „first_name“ and „last_name“ with the values „Martin“ and „codenest“.

Now one example for named parameters. We have two options. First with simple jdbctemplate


How to insert with NamedParameterJdbcTemplate

In this case, we create a NamedParameterJdbcTemplate. As the name suggests, it is optimized for named parameter queries.


Here we also insert one dataset. But create a Map for the named parameters with the keys „firstName“, and „lastName“.

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