Basic of Java Streams – Beginner Tutorial

Introduction Java streams are a powerful and popular feature in Java 8 and above that provide a functional approach to processing data collections. Streams make it easier to process large data sets by allowing developers to express complex data processing operations with a few lines of code. We will explore the basics of Java streams

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Java Streams and Lambdas API Tutorial – Overview

Introduction Java Streams are a powerful feature introduced in Java 8 that provides a concise and functional programming style for processing data collections. Streams allow developers to filter, map, reduce, and perform other operations on data in a declarative and efficient manner. Streams can be processed in parallel or in a serial manner, making them

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Apache Camel Beginner Tutorial

What exactly is Camel? You want to try apache camel for the first time and get to know some key concepts?This blog shall help you to get an idea what apache camel is and how to get started to write your own camel code. The system landscape is getting more and more complex. Monolyths are

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