How to add a Map to a query parameter in a Camel Endpoint

The Problem In Camel, a String or Boolean is typically used as a query parameter. You can chain multiple query parameters together. For example in the following we have fileName and delete as query parameters. But what happens when you want a Map as a query parameter? E.g. for the Bean-Component, you have „parameters“ as …

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Apache Camel – Routing and mediation

Introduction Apache Camel is an open-source integration framework that provides a unified and efficient approach for integrating various systems and applications. One of the core features of Apache Camel is its routing and mediation engine, which is used to define and manage the flow of data between different components. In this article, we will explore …

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Apache Camel Beginner Tutorial

What exactly is Camel? You want to try apache camel for the first time and get to know some key concepts?This blog shall help you to get an idea what apache camel is and how to get started to write your own camel code. The system landscape is getting more and more complex. Monolyths are …

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