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Apache Camel – Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)

What are EIPs Apache Camel’s Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) are an essential part of its routing and mediation engine, providing a set of common patterns for connecting and integrating different systems and applications. EIPs are pre-defined solutions for common integration problems and are designed to be used as building blocks to create complex integration scenarios. […]

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Apache Camel – Components and Endpoints

What are Camel components? Camel components are pre-built, plug-and-play components that allow you to interact with various technologies and systems. For example, you need a JMS connection. Just use the JMS Component of a camel. Do you need Database-Connection? Use DB-Component. There are a lot of components ready to use. In generall components provide a

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Apache Camel Beginner Tutorial

What exactly is Camel? You want to try apache camel for the first time and get to know some key concepts?This blog shall help you to get an idea what apache camel is and how to get started to write your own camel code. The system landscape is getting more and more complex. Monolyths are

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